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Joplin Customers

On behalf of all the employees at Missouri American Water, we would like to express our sympathy for any losses our customers may have experienced as a result of the storm on May 22nd.

Due to the large amount of Missouri American Water Customers being impacted, we are taking some special steps to hopefully make things a bit more convenient for you as you begin to recover and rebuild.

Joplin is a community we are extremely proud to be a part of, and one that has displayed its strength and positivity in the weeks since the tornado. Together we will rebuild Joplin and make it an even stronger community.


The terms listed below apply to Joplin residents affected by the storm only. 

  • Customer accounts in the impacted area will be closed automatically. The number of accounts this applies to is approximately 3200.
  • The approximately 3200 customers whose homes have been destroyed will not receive a final bill. We are closing the accounts as of the last read date therefore generating a zero bill that will not be sent.
  • In addition, there will be no charges for sewer and trash. We conduct the billing for these services for the City of Joplin.
  • If a customer has an outstanding balance from the month prior, we do expect them to remit payment.
  • Customers whose accounts are to be closed will be notified via letter.
  • The $21 activation fee will be waived for customers in the impacted area who establish service elsewhere.
  • There is a possibility some customers were not included in the 3200 that should have been. Also the number may include some customers that should not have their account closed. Customers will need to notify the Customer Service Center if this occurs.
  • Customers with any questions about sewer and trash service need to contact the City of Joplin at (417) 624-0820.

** For customers living outside the area impacted, normal billing practices will continue for those customers.