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Rates Information

The Value of Water

Before it reaches your home or business, water is treated, stored and delivered through a complex process. Water begins its journey at the source -- rivers or wells -- and travels through sophisticated water treatment plants to its final destination, your tap. All along the way, our teams of certified operators, scientists and engineers use the latest technology to monitor the water's quality and progress. Reliable high-quality water service improves our lives and communities by:

  • Protecting public health
  • Providing fire protection
  • Creating opportunities for economic growth

Missouri American Water teams are dedicated to being responsible stewards of our communities' water systems. We invest in needed system improvements and manage operating and maintenance costs to help ensure quality, reliable water service now and in the future. At about a penny a gallon, water service is an exceptional value.

Missouri American Water Rate Request

Missouri American Water has filed a rate request with the Missouri Public Service Commission (MoPSC) to adjust rates for water and sewer service in all the company's operating districts.  

Missouri American Water's last general rate change was approved by the MoPSC in April 2012.

The company's investments in water and sewer system improvements are the primary driver  behind this rate request.  From January 1, 2012 to January 31, 2016, Missouri American Water has invested approximately $436 million in water and sewer infrastructure statewide.  These improvements to local water and sewer plants, pumps and pipes are in service -- helping to  enhance service quality, reliability, environmental performance, public health and fire protection for customers.

Below are the rate request fact sheets for each of our districts



Emerald Pointe

Jefferson City

Jefferson City Wastewater


Lakewood Manor, Lake Taneycomo and Ozark Meadows


Meramec & Cedar Ridge


Platte County

Rankin Acres, Ozark Mountain and Spring Valley

Riverside Estates


Saint Charles County

Saint Joseph

Saint Louis County



Warren and Lincoln Counties


White Branch


Rate Case Fact Sheets

These are the current rates for Missouri American Water districts.

Brunswick Water
Cedar Hill Wastewater
Jefferson City Water
Jefferson City-area Wastewater (former Aqua Missouri customers)
Joplin Water
Lake Carmel Water and Wastewater
Lake Taneycomo Water
Lakewood Manor Water
Loma Linda Water
Maplewood Water and Wastewater
Mexico Water
Ozark Meadow Wastewater
Ozark Mountain Water
Platte County Water and Wastewater
Rankin Acres Water
Riverside Estates Water
St. Charles County Water
St. Joseph Water
St. Louis County Water
Spring Valley Water
Stonebridge Water and Wastewater
Warren County Water and Wastewater
Warrensburg Water
White Branch Water

How Water Rates are Set

Water service rates are based on the real costs of treating and delivering water to customers, and are regulated by the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC). All Missouri American Water customers are charged rates approved by the PSC. You can learn more at the PSC web site:

 Public Service Commission To determine rates, Missouri American Water and the PSC staff study the costs that the company has incurred for system improvements, maintenance, operation, administration and financing. Once the studies are complete, the company, the PSC and other interested parties present any differing conclusions before an administrative law judge. The public may attend public hearings or submit comments directly to the PSC staff.  The rate review process typically requires eleven months to complete and a final decision is made by the PSC. Rates and billing frequency vary based on geographic area. In most areas, customers are billed based on a regular meter reading. Some wastewater service customers are billed based on a flat-rate billing. Missouri American Water rates are based on the true cost of providing water service to our customers. Rates vary based on the cost of providing service in each of the communities we serve.


ISRS charge for Saint Louis County Operations

Following are the tariffs issued by the Missouri Public Service Commission on March 30, 2012.

Certified Area and Table of Contents

Tariff - MO Water Rates 

Tariff - Cedar Hill 

Tariff - Incline Village 

Tariff - Sewer Stone & Taney Counties