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Days are starting to get longer, the temperatures are getting warmer, and vibrant green lawns are making their comeback. March is a great month for making a few changes around your house so you can save some “green” in your family’s spending budget. Follow these tips to help cut back on your monthly energy bills. 

Replace old light bulbs

If you have old “standard” light bulbs, replace them with more energy-efficient LED bulbs. They may cost a little more than the traditional bulb, but they will typically last much longer and help you to cut back on energy use.

Check the temperature on your water heater

Many homeowners don’t realize how much energy it requires to heat water for showers, washing dishes, doing laundry, and so on. Keep the temperature on your water heater between 130-140 degrees to help with saving on your energy bill. You may need to lower the temperature even more if you have young children to prevent serious burns.

Purchase Energy Star products

If the time has come to replace your TV, washer/dryer, refrigerator, stove, etc., look for Energy Star-rated products. These appliances are designed with energy efficiency and functionality in mind.

Only wash/dry full loads of laundry

Laundry appliances use a substantial amount of energy, and you could be wasting it if you are only washing and drying half loads. Also, you can save energy by line-drying your clothes. Although, this may be an option more suitable to times when the weather is warmer!

Plant trees

Strategically placed trees on your property will create shade and help to keep the inside of your home cooler during the summer months. This can help you to cut back on the use of your air conditioner and, in turn, save on energy costs.

Install solar panels

The installation cost of having solar panels added to your home may seem like a lot upfront, but they will more than pay for themselves in your future energy savings. Additionally, you may be eligible for a federal solar panel credit after installation is completed.

Bonus tip: schedule an energy audit

If you haven’t already had an audit, your home and budget may benefit from having one performed. An expert will perform several tests in your home to determine if there are any areas of energy loss. The audit can help you to determine how much energy your common household appliances are using, and this can assist you with making the decision to keep or replace the items.