Partnership FAQs

Q: Who is American Water Resources (AWR)?
A: AWR manages over one million water, sewer and in-home plumbing service line contracts across the country for utility and municipal customers enrolled. Providing service line protection is the core capability of AWR. AWR is a subsidiary of American Water Works Company, Inc. (American Water), the largest publicly-traded water company in the United States. American Water is celebrating over 127 years of industry expertise.


Q: What is the LineSaver Program?
A: The LineSaver Program helps protect homeowners from the high costs of repairing the portion of their water lines, sewer lines, and in-home plumbing lines that are their responsibility to maintain if the leak/clog is the result of normal wear and tear. Homeowners' insurance typically does not cover these repairs ñ nor will your municipality or local utility company. 

Q: Is LineSaver a new program?
A: The water line, sewer line, and in-home plumbing protection programs at the heart of LineSaver have been tested and proven in communities for over 12 years by American Water Resources. 

Q: Aren't repairs like this the responsibility of the municipality or local utility? Is this some new charge or fee for homeowners?
A: Typically, the utility provider is not responsible for the maintenance of the water and sewer service lines that run across a homeowner's property. This is not a new charge or fee for homeowners. Homeowners have the option to enroll in these protection programs. 

Q: Who is eligible for LineSaver Programs?
A: Residential homeowners can enroll in the LineSaver Programs. No pre-enrollment inspection is required. Only property owners ñ not tenants ñ can participate. 

Q: How are citizens/customers informed of the Program?
A: AWR sends your citizens/customers a direct mail package which typically contains: a personalized letter, a simple enrollment form, Program Terms & Conditions, an illustration of service line ownership, a 24-hour emergency toll-free customer service telephone number, and a postage-paid return envelope. In the personalized letter, you introduce AWR as the LineSaver service provider.


Q: How much will homeowners save by enrolling in LineSaver?
A: Repairs to water or sewer lines can cost thousands of dollars. With LineSaver, homeowners can protect themselves from these significant charges. 

Q: Does a City/Partner have to pay?
A: You pay nothing. AWR develops and manages the LineSaver Program. AWR pays for all covered repairs, customer service, marketing, billings and establishing a local contractor network. 

Q: What benefits does a City/Company receive by jointly introducing LineSaver?
A: By partnering with a national expert, you can provide a valuable service at no cost and generate new revenue. Doing so can enhance your image and build customer loyalty.


Q: Who manages the Program?
A: AWR is responsible for all elements of the LineSaver Program. We anticipate minimal effort will be required of you. 

Q: What is required of the City/Partner?
A: In order to launch the Program, AWR would request use of your name and logo for Program marketing materials. 

Q: Why is the City/Partner logo required for marketing materials?
A: We want your customers to be confident that they are receiving a credible solution for service line repairs. Use of your logo allows your customers/citizens to see that we have your trust, and they view LineSaver as a natural extension of your customer service.


Q: How much do the homeowners pay for LineSaver?
A: Homeowners pay a modest annual fee. Homeowners can pay via check, credit card or monthly ACH/credit card installments. 

Q: What is covered by LineSaver?
A: The Program covers repairs to leaking/broken water lines that result from normal wear and tear on the homeowner-owned portion of the service line and repairs to clogged/blocked sewer lines that result from normal wear and tear on the homeowner-owned portion of the service line. The In-Home Plumbing Emergency Protection Program covers repairs to leaking/broken internal water supply lines that result from normal wear and tear, and repairs to clogged/blocked internal wastewater lines that result from normal wear and tear. All LineSaver customers are provided with Program Terms & Conditions. 

Q: Will LineSaver cover the costs of landscaping repairs?
A: The Program covers basic site restoration including back-filling, raking, reseeding, and street repair/paving if applicable.


Q: What customer service is available to homeowners?
A: AWR operates a dedicated Operations and Call Center. Customers can choose to speak with a Customer Service Representative or Claims Specialist. Our team of experts is available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist with emergency repairs.

Q: How are claims handled?
A: Our commitment to providing excellent repair work and superior customer service is unsurpassed. When a customer becomes aware of a service line problem on the homeowner-owned portion of their line, all they have to do is call the LineSaver toll-free phone number. Our LineSaver staff will document the claim and dispatch a contractor. It's that easy!


Q: Who will repair the water line or sewer line for the homeowner?
A: AWR maintains a network of local, licensed, and insured plumbing contractors. When a homeowner has a claim, AWR will dispatch a member of its contractor network. Our contractors will handle permits and complete all the repairs to meet local and state regulations.