Municipal Partnerships with American Water Resources

A welcome addition to your community.

A community is much like one large partnership. The municipality and the residents all working together to ensure the best quality of life. At American Water Resources (AWR), we offer the opportunity to add one more vital partner to the mix. 

Informed Citizens = Satisfied Constituents

As a municipal leader, you don't want citizens surprised to learn they're responsible for repairs to service lines on their property ñ many mistakenly think the local government, utility company, or homeowners insurance will cover it. When you partner with AWR, the LineSaver Program will educate your citizens about their responsibility, provide a solution that will bring peace of mind, and add a new revenue source to your municipality.

LineSaver is a trusted program, nationwide

The LineSaver Program educates residents about service line responsibility and takes care of repairs. As a leading provider of water-related service line protection, American Water Resources manages hundreds of thousands of service line protection contracts nationwide - many for citizens like yours.