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Water Line and Sewer Line Protection Program

$12.49 Per Month

Two lines. One protection program.

Bundle your protection on your home’s water and sewer lines and save on your monthly payment. More protection? Yes please. You’ll get peace of mind and protection from the unexpected with American Water Resources Insurance Services.

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Convenient payment options – you can choose a monthly or annual payment option.
Protection for your residential water line. See our full list of covered repairs.
We'll find a local, insured contractor within our network in 24 hours.
Includes basic site restoration, permits, and inspections.
Three year warranty on all covered repairs.
24/7 service support.
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Covered Repairs

  • Clogs
  • Blockages
  • Burst pipe due to normal wear and tear
  • Pipe collapse
  • Pipe damage from tree root
  • Leaking pipe
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Excavating
  • Equipment
  • Backfilling holes
  • Reseeding yard
  • Inspections
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A. AWR keeps life flowing by providing protection from the unexpected. We offer programs to cover the big repairs that your homeowner’s policy typically doesn’t cover. Since the year 2000, we have grown to provide protection for over 1 million homeowners. AWR is a subsidiary of American Water – the largest and most geographically diverse publicly traded water and wastewater company in the U.S. We’re proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and 90% approval rating from our customer claim satisfaction surveys.

A. The Water Line and Sewer Line Protection Program provides repairs to leaks and breaks of a covered water line, or repairs to leaks, clogs and blockages of a covered sewer line caused by normal wear and tear. AWRIS takes care of the costs of permits required to excavate and complete covered repairs; as well as refilling, raking/leveling and seeding of excavated portion of customer’s property; and restoration of public sidewalks and roadways if they’re excavated to complete a covered repair. We also follow-up with an inspection of a customer’s sewer line after a covered repair.

A. Because water and sewer lines are an integral part of your home, and they can be prone to problems. Your homeowners insurance typically doesn’t cover them, meaning you’re responsible if there’s a problem. The Water and Sewer Line Protection Program from AWRIS protects you from those costly repair bills – and takes away the hassle of dealing with them.

A. Individual policies vary, but standard homeowners’ insurance policies typically do NOT cover repair or replacement of water and sewer service lines.

A. You can sign up and pay monthly or annually with convenient options like credit card (VISA and MasterCard).

A. Just complete the enrollment form online or call us at 1-844-765-7262.

A. Normal wear and usage such as aging lines, invasive tree roots, and seasonal changes can cause your water line to leak or break, or your sewer line to leak, clog or have a blockage. These issues could leave your home without running water or with backed up toilets and sinks. And, water line and sewer line repairs can cost thousands of dollars if you do not have coverage.

A. When you have a covered problem, call us at 1-844-765-7262 — do NOT call your own plumbing contractor. American Water Resources Insurance Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call.

A. The Water and Sewer Line Protection Program is available for owners of 1-4 unit residential properties with a water service line of no more than 2 inches in diameter. Water service lines and/or sewer laterals shared with neighboring properties are eligible for coverage; however, AWRIS will not cover any section of a shared water service line or sewer lateral that serves only a neighboring property not enrolled in the program.

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