Easy, affordable home protection

Affordable Home Protection

Protect your Home Plumbing and Electrical

Every house has a water pipe, sewer pipe and internal pipes – they can all wear out over time. External pipes are even subject to shifting ground and invading tree roots. Whatever the cause, the results can be leaks, breaks, clogs, blocks, and overflows. Additionally, there could be hundreds of feet of electrical lines running inside your home that could fail at anytime - requiring immediate attention. And, homeowners’ insurance typically doesn’t cover the repairs.

You own a piece of real estate. Now add peace of mind.

Home is where the heart is, and hopefully with no disruptions to your everyday life. At American Water Resources, our job is to help you protect that home life – affordably and easily.

American Water Resources offers 4 great programs for homeowners: Water Line, Sewer Line, In-Home Plumbing Emergency Protection and Interior Electric Protection.

  • Proven company – Our parent company, American Water has been providing communities with the highest quality water services for over 131 years. This tradition of service excellence continues with AWR as we put the experience of American Water to work to protect our over 1.7 million programs
  • Prompt, professional service – One call does it all – no hassle searching for qualified contractors.
  • Great protection – claims covered up to $5,000 for water; $8,000 for sewer; $3,000 for internal plumbing; $2,500 for interior electric
  • We are committed to our customers