Sewer Line Protection

Sewer Line Protection for Your Business

A Smart Business Move that Saves Time, Money and Reduces Downtime

Your business sewer line is under constant use and stress, which can lead to sewer line problems that require expensive repairs often that your business insurance won't cover. A sewer line cleaning can cost over $2,700 and a sewer line repair can cost over $9,100.  Nationwide, sewer line repairs average $2,500-$3,500, and the average sewer line replacement cost can be anywhere from $5,000-$17,000 for a 100-foot section of pipe. Problems can happen anytime because of invasive tree roots, soil conditions, grease build-up, and too much waste. 

It's one thing to have a clogged toilet or a slow drain at home.  On the job, things can get challenging quickly and even shut down your business. Imagine the impact on revenue and critical needs – for example, a restaurant or doctor's office without a restroom.  No matter how it happens, a sewer clog or block is just bad for business.  Plus, it can be a real headache trying to find a qualified contractor, so you'll likely need to spend hours trying to resolve the problem.  Luckily, AWR's Sewer Line Protection Program is the affordable answer, and because one call does it all, AWR will save you both time and money.  Learn how it works.

What Sets Our Sewer Line Protection Program Apart:

  1. Covers sewer line repairs that your business insurance won't
  2. Up to $18,000 in coverage
  3. No deductible required
  4. Save time - One call does it all
  5. Fast response on repairs
  6. Proven company AWR has over 1 million customers, and is a division of American Water, the largest water utility in the US
  7. Over 91% of our business customers are highly satisfied
  8. Guaranteed compliance with all local and state codes
  9. We handle all permits and inspections
  10. We handle basic site restoration including backfilling, reseeding and repaving
  11. No property inspection required
  12. Peace of mind for only 60 cents a day
*Not available in all states. Call for details on your area.