How The In-Home Plumbing Emergency Program works

In-home Plumbing Protection

Emergency protection for your home’s interior plumbing is affordable – just 13¢ a day ($3.99 a month)*. Enroll now and if there’s ever a problem with your interior service lines, you’re protected with AWR – for up to $3,000 in repairs ($1,500 for internal water line and $1,500 for internal wastewater line).

AWR puts you in control.

Call AWR toll-free at 1-877-320-4617 and we’ll assess the problem. Then we’ll send out a plumbing professional to make the repairs: leaking toilet, backed up washing machine drain, even a clogged sink. You pay a $50 service call fee when the contractor is dispatched to your home. And you can be sure all the work meets state and local codes.

Help is just a phone call away:
  1. Call 1-877-320-4617 the moment you experience a plumbing problem. AWR has representatives available 24/7.
  2. A licensed, insured plumbing contractor will be sent to your address.
  3. When repairs are completed, just sign the repair form. You pay only a $50 service call fee for repairs within the generous protection limits.

13¢ a day can protect you from costly plumbing emergencies.

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