Frequently Asked Questions about The Sewer Line Protection Program

Q. What’s the AWR Sewer Line Protection program?
A. It covers repairs to a clogged or blocked sewer pipe. Enroll today and American Water Resources will cover the cost of repairs – up to $8,000 – for the wastewater line running between your house and the sewer main in the street.

Q. I’m on a budget. How much does it cost?
A. It’s very affordable. For just 30¢ day, $9 a month, $108 a year*, protect yourself from the high costs associated with repairing a clogged sewer service line. You pay a flat $50 service call fee when a contractor is dispatched. You’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that your repairs will not only be covered within the generous protection limits, but handled promptly and professionally.

Q. How do I sign up?
A. Call now: 1-877-513-8520 or complete the easy enrollment form and you’ll have American Water Resources protection for your sewer line.

Q. How can I pay for the program?
A. American Water Resources offers convenient monthly billing on your water bill.* Or if you prefer, pay by check, money order or credit card (we accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover).

* Pricing and payment options vary by state. Call for details on your area.

Q. Isn’t my exterior sewer line underground? So how do I know if there’s a problem?
A. Expect to see things like a clogged toilet, and backed-up drains. That’s why you need AWR Sewer Line Protection. Once enrolled, all you need to do is call and our highly-trained experts will help determine if there’s an issue and advise you what to do next. We’re here to solve the problem.

Q. What do I do if my sewer line is clogged or blocked?
A. You should call 1-866-430-0819 immediately. AWR has representatives available 24/7 to assist you with a repair claim or to answer any other question.

Q. Why does my exterior wastewater line get clogged or blocked?
A. Sewer lines are highly vulnerable to problems, and the causes vary. Tree roots can attach and grow into the line causing it to become clogged. And sometimes it’s just that too much waste has led to cumulative buildup – from toilets to bathroom showers, to the kitchen disposal and the kitchen sink.

Q. Can anyone enroll in The Sewer Line Protection Program?
A. If you own a residential home, single-family or townhouse, you are eligible to enroll in the program. If you live in a condo please contact your homeowners’ association to determine your responsibility.

Q. I have insurance for my home. Does it cover the sewer service line?
A. Probably not. Most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover repairs to your sewer line; they cover the structure and its contents. Since wastewater line repair is your responsibility, it’s a good idea to enroll in The Sewer Line Protection Program from AWR.

Q. You state that Sewer Line Protection provides up to $8,000 in protection against costly repairs. What happens if the repairs are more than that?
A. Most repairs are completely covered under the generous protection limits of the Sewer Line Protection Program. In the unlikely event that repair costs exceed the program’s protection limit ($8,000 which includes $4,000 for sewer line and lawn repairs, and $4,000 for road and sidewalk repairs), the homeowner would be responsible for any additional costs.

Q. How is the Sewer Line Unlimited Protection Programs different than the standard program?
A. The standard program covers up to $8,000 in sewer line repairs from clogs and blockages. With the Unlimited Programs, there will be no limit on what AWR will pay for covered repairs.

Q. Why is AWR offering a Sewer Line Unlimited Protection Program?
A. Many customers protected by the sewer line program are perfectly satisfied with standard coverage amount. Over the years, we have learned that certain customers would prefer additional protection and peace of mind knowing that there will be no limit on what AWR will pay for covered repairs. Click here to view a short video showing how AWR can assist with common sewer line problems.

Q. What does it take to repair my sewer line?
A. Click here.