Avoid costly repairs due to a water line break

Water line Protection

You don’t expect to see puddles of water on your lawn. But that’s what could happen with a broken or leaking water line. Just about anything can cause it, at any time – aging pipes, soil conditions, or pipe material. And since most homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover repairs to water pipes, it pays to have an affordable protection plan in place.

Get The Water Line Protection Program. Only from American Water Resources.

  • Covers up to $5,000 in service line repairs and up to an additional $5,000 for street repairs* for your home’s water line – that’s the water pipe running from the property line to the house.
  • One Call Does It All!
    • Fast response for repairs – no lost time spent searching for a qualified contractor.
    • We handle getting the permits and inspections.
    • All work will be done according to state and local codes
    • Count on professional, courteous service backed by a trusted company with hundreds of thousands of customers nationwide.
    • Get basic site restoration by an approved American Water Resources contractor, including backfilling, raking and reseeding of the affected yard area.
  • Unlimited service calls.
  • Just pennies a day! Get convenient billing on your monthly water bill**, or pay by check or credit card.

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*Coverage and availability may vary by market. Call for details on your area.
*Not available in all states.