Smart & Simple:
How The Water Line Protection Program works

How Water Line Protection Works

Sign up for Water Line Protection for just 16¢ a day (that’s only $5 a month)* and you will be protected. Then if there’s a problem, American Water Resources (AWR) will take care of everything with one phone call followed by prompt, professional service. It's that simple.

Getting help is as easy as picking up the phone.

If you get an unusually high water bill or a puddle in the front yard, it’s likely a leaking or broken water line. No worries – call AWR toll-free at 1-877-320-4617 and we’ll:

  • Dispatch an approved local contractor to assess the problem – you’re protected for up to $5,000 for service line repairs and up to an additional $5,000 for street repairs*.
  • Schedule the work needed – which usually requires expertise beyond the do-it-yourselfer: obtaining permits; excavating; equipment, tools and manpower; repairing the water line; backfilling any holes, raking and reseeding your yard; and handling inspections.
  • Make sure all work meets state and local codes and is done by licensed contractors.

Protect yourself from costly repairs for only 16¢ a day!

*Pricing, coverage and availability may vary by market. Call for details on your area.