Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is responsible for water and sewer line repairs on a homeowner's property?
A: As a homeowner you are responsible for the water and sewer service lines that run through your property.  Although water and sewer service line responsibilities may vary, a water utility company's responsibility for the water and sewer service line typically ends at a homeowners’ property line.

For more information on your city's service line responsibility, please click here.

Q. I have insurance for my home. Does it cover the exterior water and sewer lines?
A. Probably not. Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover the structure and its contents. That’s why it’s a good idea to enroll in the Water and Sewer Line Protection Program from American Water Resources of Texas.

Q: Why do homeowners need this program?
A: Most homeowners are not aware that they own and are legally responsible for the water line running through their property. The Service Line Protection Programs bridge the gap between what water utility companies and homeowner insurance policies typically cover and provides peace of mind to customers.

Q: Is this program being offered by the State?
A: This program is not affiliated with or endorsed by any agency or department of the state, city or utility.

Q: Was the City government and Water Utility aware of this letter before it was mailed?
A: Yes, American Water Resources of Texas sent a letter and two emails to key members of your City government, Municipal services department and Water Utility provider informing them about this effort prior to your receipt of our water and sewer line protection program letter.

Q: Who is eligible for Service Line Protection Programs?
A: All residential homeowners who own the water and sewer lines running through their property are eligible. No pre-enrollment inspection is required.

Q: What is covered by Service Line Protection Programs?

A: Water service line leaks or breaks and sewer service line clogs or blockages in the customer-owned portion of the line which result from normal wear and tear. For complete terms and conditions,click here.

Q: How much is covered?

A: Homeowners are covered up to $10,000 per occurrence for external water line repairs and up to $8,000 per occurrence for external sewer line repairs with unlimited service calls. In almost all cases, the full cost of any repair will be covered. For complete terms and conditions, click here.

Q: Who will repair the water and sewer line for the homeowner?
A: A licensed, local, professional plumbing contractor, dispatched from an American Water Resources of Texas network of approved local contractors, will complete all the repairs. All repair work complies with state and local codes.

Q: Are the Service Line Protection Programs insurance policies?
A: No, our Programs are residential service contracts designed to provide peace of mind protection for homeowners and cover the costs of repairs for water and sewer line problems caused by normal wear and tear.

Q: How do homeowners pay for Service Line Protection Programs?

A: Homeowners can pay annually or monthly by check, credit card, or direct debit.

Q: How have homeowners reacted to Service Line Protection Programs?
A: The overwhelmingly-positive testimonials from customers confirm the superior service level and value of the protection. Survey results show over 90% of customers are "very satisfied with the overall repair service.”

Q. What causes lines to leak or break?

A. Any number of things can cause pipe problems: wear and tear, pipe age, joint or material failure; soil conditions and shifting soil.