Low-cost sewer line protection helps you avoid expensive repairs

Sewer Line Protection

Your home’s sewer line is under constant use and stress, which can cause clogs or blocks - which may cost thousands of dollars to repair, and most homeowners’ insurance does not cover. These problems can happen anytime because of invasive tree roots, shifting soil or too much waste. And without sewer protection, the unexpected repair bill could be devastating to your family budget.

Get affordable Sewer Line Protection from American Water Resources of Texas.

  • Up to $8,000 in repairs for your residential sewer line – that’s the pipe between your home and the sewer main in the street. Protection includes $4,000 for sewer service line repair, and $4,000 for road and sidewalk repairs.
  • Prompt, professional service – One call does it all – no hassle searching for qualified contractors, getting permits or handling inspections.
  • Covers repairs for a blocked sewer line, and basic site restoration by an approved American Water Resources of Texas contractor who is prompt, courteous and respectful of your property.
  • Sewer line protection for only 30¢* a day. Affordable terms with convenient monthly billing on your water bill*, or pay by check or credit card.

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* Pricing, service fees, and payment options vary by state. Call for details on your area.